Time to celebrate

Farming is hard work and requires an enormous amount of flexibility, patience and sheer grit to get the tasks done. Many times the rewards for the hard work don't arrive for months or even years. That is why we will celebrate every "win" every time. And, we would love to share our joy with you. This educational farm is in its infancy, so this page will mark it's growth as we add reasons to celebrate one at a time. Cheers!

1. Land Purchase

We've purchased twelve acres of land. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but land is not as easy to obtain as some may think. In fact, part of the focus of Hills of Milk and Honey's advocacy efforts is to guide the community in helping young farmers gain access to land. There is available land. There are new farmers wanting to farm land. Linking the two together shouldn't be difficult, but it is. Let's work together to close that gap.

2. See, Do, Teach

We've joined forces with some incredible mentors in the sustainable agriculture world locally, and globally. These folks are integral members of the Hills of Milk and Honey team because they feed into us and we turn around and feed into our community. After you and your family visit the farm, we hope you will turn around and continue the cycle by teaching others what you have learned as well. 

3. Holistic Management

The Hills of Milk and Honey team takes a holistic approach to managing the farm including rotational grazing of livestock, no-till crop planting, and the keeping of honeybees. This means you will see goats and chickens rotate through the land. This will provide forage for the animals and in turn fertilize the ground for growing crops. The bees then get busy collecting pollen and nectar, which in turn pollinates the crops. We are excited about the experimentation process as we rotate our farm animals, prepare the land for seeding, and care for our hives of bees. We are especially excited to meet YOU!

4. Camps, Classes, and Tours

We have been offering various types of learning opportunities for all ages here on the farm through our camps, classes and tours. Home school groups, private school groups, public school groups, Girl Scout troops, and groups of friends enjoy attending custom field trips. Schedule your tour today or register for an upcoming workshop.

5. AirBnB

Folks who desire fresh air and are easily entertained by farm animal antics have been booking stays in our farm guest house through AirBnB. This immediately became a sought after get-away for folks from around the world and weekends book quickly so book your stay soon!

6. Meeting the Needs of the Community

Although we have production goals and education goals for our farm, we love to meet the needs of the community beyond our own vision. When someone requests the ability to do photo shoots on the farm, we create a way for that to happen. When someone requests a party on the farm, we build out a plan for that too. If you have an idea for a collaboration or partnership, contact us to brainstorm. We think we have some pretty great ideas for the use of the farm, but two (or more) heads are better than one. So, bring it on! How would you like to partner with us?

7. Intergenerational Learning

The farm is so much more than a few goats, some chickens and a garden. It is a place where the community gathers, learns from each other, and gives back while supporting a local small farmer. Some very specific needs in the community revolve around keeping our senior citizens active and engaged with others. We offer unique opportunities for children and teens to take part in activities on the farm together with the seniors in our community. What's better than a 3 year old and an 83 year old digging for worms together in the garden? Or a 14 year-old an a 74 year old working on a farm painting together? These are YOUR ideas and suggestions in action!

8. Grant Award Winner

We humbly accepted a $7,500 grant award from the Austin Food and Wine Alliance which financially supports our summer camps and our teaching garden. We are so grateful we were chosen for this grant and look forward to putting the funds to use right away!

9. Chef Jana

When you create a unique business that combines education and agriculture in an effort to restore and regenerate land while teaching others at the same time, building the right team of people to get the job done is of utmost importance. Our first official employee is Chef Jana Muñiz and she is extremely passionate about where the food comes from that she prepares for her family and her community. It's just the two of us at this point, and we are all in, teaching people about the whole entire food system from soil to your plate.