Parties on the Farm

Hills of Milk and Honey provides the perfect setting for all types of parties, including birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, sunset dinners, and more. Events with clucking chickens, the softest rabbits, and snuggly goats provide all the entertainment needed in most cases, but we do offer opportunities to include interactive farm activities to the festivities as well. We also rent out our guest house on AirBnB if you are interested in adding a farm stay to the fun! Choose the option that fits your needs and submit the form below to request a reservation.

Children’s Birthday Party : $200 + 100 refundable deposit

  • Hills of Milk and Honey provides use of a portion of the farm for the party host and up to 23 guests including the inside of the barn and one bathroom.

  • You, as the party host, will be responsible for planning and providing all needed items for the entire party including tables, chairs, decorations, food, drinks, etc.

  • 3 hours may be reserved for this party. This includes 30 min. set up and 30 min. clean up time as well. (i.e. If your reservation is from noon-3 PM, your party will take place from 12:30-2:30 PM)

  • Party host must remove all trash from the farm at the end of the party.

  • Liability waivers must be signed by all guests and close-toed shoes are required.

  • Party host manages the party, but a Hills of Milk and Honey staff member will be present at all times.

  • Parties with children ages 6 and younger must have a minimum 1:2 parent to child ratio.

  • This party option includes a 45 minute block of time for guests to interact with the farm animals and is managed by a Hills of Milk and Honey farm staff member.

Other Party Requests: Contact us for a quote.

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