The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House Lit Studies and On Farm Workshops

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Children are invited to join Amy Milliron, farm educator, on a journey through Laura Ingalls Wilder’s trials and triumphs as she brings The Little House books to life on the farm at Hills of Milk and Honey in 2019. These monthly literature studies focus on the nine books in the series, as well as the background of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life. Participants may choose to register for one, a few, or all of the studies throughout the year.

You will receive a paperback copy of the book mailed to your home in advance. Each week, Amy will post new reading assignments, discussion questions, and activity links and ideas that will bring the story to life on a password protected site. You will have the opportunity to improve your skills in reading, writing, communication and more. The last day of each of the studies includes a five hour, on farm group book discussion and workshop related to the theme of that particular book.

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Not only will these lit studies and hands-on workshops provide a great opportunity for you to read beautiful stories all year, but they also provide lessons that pay homage to the life that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived. Corresponding workshop themes include milking animals and making soap, livestock care and gardening, shelter building, insect studies, cooking, food preservation, singing, dancing and poetry readings, sewing, fire building and more.

Anyone age 6+ may participate, and adults reading aloud to children is perfectly welcome. The average age range of readers the first time they read these books is age 6-8, but they are a favorite and enjoyed by all ages. Workshop activities are differentiated to allow children ages six through twelve to enjoy the fun!

Please read all details below and note the registration deadlines. Contact our team if you have any questions.

How It Works

  1. Choose to register for individual lit studies and corresponding workshops one by one and pay the full price of $50 each. This price includes the book, mailed to your home, as well as custom curriculum created for each study posted weekly to a password protected site, and all materials, teaching and support staffing for the 5 hour on farm workshops. Or, choose to pay for the entire series by January 4 to save 10% and receive a free t-shirt and water bottle!

  2. Mark your calendars for the corresponding start dates and on farm workshop dates for the studies chosen.

  3. Check your mailbox for your copy of the current book that will arrive prior to the start date of each study. (If you opt to pay for the entire series in advance, you will receive a box set of all nine books.)

  4. Be sure to log in each Monday to the password protected site. You will receive the link prior to the start date of each study.

  5. Complete the reading assignment and optional activities provided weekly on the site.

  6. Attend the on farm workshop date for each book completed, and participate in the group book discussion as well as the hands-on lessons that correspond with the theme of each book.

  7. Read the FAQs and then click the yellow button below to learn more about each books, find out applicable dates for each, and register online.


  • May I attend the on farm day with my child?

    • Yes, you may. Parents are welcome to attend the on farm day with their child and assist in the hands-on workshop if desired. Dropping off your child for the workshop is also perfectly fine.

  • Are non-registered siblings able to attend the on farm day?

    • Only registered children and their parents are able to attend the on farm day. For staffing reasons, material availability, and for safety reasons, we ask that you consider this a special parent/child day with the child registered for this program if you choose to stay.

  • Will the farm have tours available on this day?

    • Participants and their parents will be able to observe the farm while on site, and participate in various lessons with the animals and in the gardens as they relate to the farm (as applicable, depending on the study) but no formal farm tours will take place on these lit study days. Everyone will be very busy participating in the literature discussions as well as the workshops.

  • Will there be a break for a snack?

    • Children and parents wishing to attend will need to bring all snacks from home. The snack breaks are not set for specific times quite yet. There will be a pause in the day for a 15 minute snack break after certain steps have been completed in the workshops, and at that time folks will be guided to the picnic area on the farm to enjoy a snacks brought from home. After the break, the workshops will resume.

  • What else do I need to know or bring?

    • Participants and parents will need to bring bottles of water. Refills available on the farm. Check weather reports prior to arrival and please dress accordingly. Close-toed shoes are always required on the farm, but on rainy days, or after recent rains, we also encourage wearing boots. Any events on the farm provide a good chance of getting dirty, so please consider not wearing your favorite clothes to the farm.

  • What is required?

    • A signed liability waiver by all participants and close-toed shoes.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    • Please email or call 512-829-1003.