Gardening Workshops

Intro to Composting Workshop

Saturday, September 15, 2018 {12:30-2:30 PM}

Presenter: Amy Milliron, Owner of Hills of Milk and Honey


Kids and adults can get in on the fun and learn how to compost as a family. This workshop teaches the whole cycle of nutrient-dense food, and provides practical tips and hands-on activities, including an installation of worms. You'll leave with plenty of info and a list of resources for creating your own composting system at home.

Fall Composting Classes will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

Chef Inspired Celebration Menu Workshop

Saturday, November 10, 2018 {12:30-2:30 PM}

Presenter: Amy Milliron, Owner of Hills of MIlk and Honey & Jana MuÑIZ, Farm Chef


Farmer Amy and Chef Jana will help participants create a unique and flavorful menu of options for a fall celebration meal showcasing seasonally available foods locally sourced from area farmers and food producers. Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to properly combine foods to support gut health instead of gluttony. And, you will go home with a beautiful, hand drawn menu and fresh herbs from the Hills of Milk and Honey gardens to use in your meals. 

With the meal planning taken care of, you'll just need to shop, cook, and serve your celebratory meal this year. Martha Stewart - eat your heart out!