Dear friends of the farm,

It is because of the support and encouragement we receive from people like you that we are able to serve our community here at Hills of Milk and Honey. We have giant goals that include producing crops, raising livestock, as well as providing educational services so others can learn to do the same. This takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and resources. We are ALL in and we love what we do! 

Ever since word started to spread about the farm, people have been asking how they can help. This page will be updated frequently with a wishlist of items we are seeking for upcoming projects and classes we offer for children and adults. We enjoy the creativity involved in reusing and re-purposing items so if you are able to donate any of the items on this list, we would love for you to contact us to make drop-off/pick up arrangements. In some cases it will actually be services we are in need of (i.e. someone to repair or install fencing), or new items that can be ordered online or picked up at a store and delivered directly to the farm (i.e. brushes for goats). 

So, spread the word and check back often for updates. We thank you and appreciate you all very much!

~ Farmer Amy 


Our current big project that needs the most attention is the build out of an amazing toddler play area. We have recreated all aspects of the farm on a toddler scale, plus a few other surprises (Eek! So excited for you to see!) and we are seeking donations of the following items. If any of the below is sitting in a donation pile right now, we would gladly put it to use in this new area for our littlest visitors on the farm:

  • Pegs and pegboard

  • Hooks and drawer pulls

  • Buckets of all sizes

  • Gardening tools and gloves (child-sized)

  • Wooden fruit and vegetables

  • Silk flowers

  • Wooden eggs

  • Small stool

  • Play money

  • Play cash register

  • Scale (for weighing fruits and vegetables)

  • Pots, pans, mixing bowls, small cooking utensils

  • Cloth aprons, napkins, tablecloths, hand towels

  • Empty spice containers

  • Curtains

  • Flatware

  • Cups, plates, bowls

  • Plastic vases

  • Small table and chair set

  • Additional table (coffee table sized)

The following items are always needed for ongoing projects here:

  • Pine or cedar wood in various sizes (with nails and screws removed)

  • Plywood in various sizes (with nails and screws removed)

  • Corrugated tin (minimum 2 ft lengths)

  • Screws, nails, hammers, screwdrivers

  • Pots for planting

  • Buckets with handles

  • Watering cans

  • Wine corks (used in water containers and bird baths for pollinators so they don't drown while getting a drink of water)

  • Garden tools such as hand trowels

  • Shovels, rakes, hoes

  • Gardening gloves (various sizes for children and adults)

  • Beekeeping gear for adults and children (jackets, veils, suits) for upcoming classes

  • Gift cards to Triple S Feed Store, Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Amazon