Food Security

Close your eyes and imagine waking up one day with no food available to feed yourself or your family. How would you feel? What steps would you take next if hopping in your car to head to the local grocery store was not an option? Would your concern for finding food cause you to become reclusive and just hope "someone" would solve the problem? Or would you reach out to your community in an effort to join forces and be a part of the solution?

My name is Amy Milliron, and I am the founder of Hills of Milk and Honey, which also happens to be my family's home. We are very blessed to live on land in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and are happy to serve our community through our farm classes, camps, tours, and events in addition to our upcoming CSA and buying club programs. It is our goal to provide GMO-free, organic fruits and vegetables, as well and eggs from pastured chickens in the near future. We would love for you to join the Hills of Milk and Honey community so we all can participate in solving issues related to food security together.

What does food security mean to you? Does it simply mean providing food for you and your family, or does it include ensuring access to healthy food for your neighbors and people around the world as well? We aim to offer opportunities for folks of all ages to learn how to take part in sustainable agriculture whether the desire is to learn how to raise the livestock and grow the food personally, or come alongside those who do. Buying food from a local farmer who focuses on sustainable farming practices allows farmers who are committed to doing so stay in business for years to come while also providing the entire community with real food choices. And, the best part is that Hills of Milk and Honey gives back to the community by donating a portion of the harvests to those in need.

There are so many organizations and programs already doing great work locally and globally in regards to food security. Our role at Hills of Milk and Honey is to focus on education and advocacy, because there are so many pieces to the puzzle and we can't do it all. Instead of trying to do it all, we desire to come alongside and support the efforts already in place by others in our community and around the world. It will be commonplace for us to make recommendations for community involvement here on the blog, in our newsletter, and on social media. So, check back here often, sign up for our newsletter, and check us out on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date announcements. 

Individuals, groups, students, teachers, and anyone else interested in registering for upcoming events may find it helpful to browse around the website to learn about everything we have going on here at the farm. And, if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us and let's create a custom class or event together. 

We are glad you stopped by, and we hope to engage in real conversations that lead to real change. Comments will be left open on this blog and we hope to keep it that way always. We are capable of multi-tasking to a degree, but the animals in the barn, the crops in the field and the students visiting on field trips will always take precedence. So, do a farmer a favor, and help keep the conversations healthy and constructive please.  ;-) Cheers!  

~ Farmer Amy