All You Need Is Love

All you need is love.

Hills of Milk and Honey has hit the two year mark and that is reason to celebrate! These first couple of years mostly feel like they’ve flown by, but the lessons learned will last a lifetime. When I am asked what I do and why I am doing it, I often receive very puzzled looks from folks. The full answer involves details about health of soil, and health of humans and a million things in-between. But, the short answer is….


Now, before you decide to stop reading because you think this is going to turn into a sappy story about connecting with nature on a spiritual level, etc., please keep reading. It is that, and so much more.

There is this yearning, and I know I am not the only one, for connectedness to people and the things that really matter in life. Just go check out the self help section at the library or bookstore. Flip through the books. Common themes throughout include connecting with nature, connecting with people, eating healthy, learning how to say ‘yes’ to only the things that truly matter to us, and more.

As we build out this unique business of combining farming with educational opportunities, we get excited when you get excited! Many folks who visit the farm share how calming it feels to be here. We have families that participate in just about everything we offer because they seek knowledge just as much as we do and they love it here. Do you know what that does? It creates a community. And, it’s amazing. The farm just fills with love for each other when that happens.

This blog is being posted later than planned this week because something crazy happened. It was one of those things that just really rocks your world and puts your life into perspective. I was in my truck on a slick road on a misty morning this week, hydroplaned, spun about 4 times, hit a pole, bounced in and out of a ditch, flew in the air and landed partly on a fence and partly in the ditch. I was able to keep my wits about me the entire time. I know what to do and what not to do when a vehicle loses traction and I was able to put what I knew into practice right in that instant. I actually thought I had it straightened out, but soon realized I was spinning and there was no way to regain control of the vehicle. I let go of the steering wheel and took my foot off the pedals completely and waited for the spinning to stop. I knew that my chances of flipping the truck were high if I didn’t just ride it out. So, I let go, told myself to let my muscles remain relaxed and just waited for everything to stop. I wasn’t scared. No other vehicles were around during that time and I was the only one in my truck. It was a wild ride. The fence will get mended, the truck will be replaced because it was totaled, and I am completely fine. I did get checked out at the hospital, and other than being sore for a few days, I received no broken bones and I only ended up with one bruise. When the truck stopped, I just sat there for a bit, covered in broken glass and not able to open doors, but so very grateful to be alive.

And, you know what I thought of first? Family and friends and my community. Not things. Not a single thing. There is such a division lately with many people in society, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Truly. There isn’t time for the complaining and the intense need to be right all the time. Life can end in an instant. There is plenty of time for love. There’s time to break bread together. To plant trees and garden together. Time to learn new canning, sewing, knitting, woodworking, cooking and general life skills from each other. Time for reading together. Much of this is missing or severely lacking in the lives of many nowadays as busyness has taken over. Hills of Milk and Honey provides programs, time, and space to truly connect while also learning from each other. The laughter and the memories already have filled my heart with so much joy I can hardly stand it. And, we are only two years in. I just get beyond giddy thinking about how much this Hills of Milk and Honey community will continue to grow over the years and how much more laughter will fill the farm in the decades to come.

Join us. It really is just lovely here. And, you can feel the love from all the people you meet when you visit. At the end of each day, that’s all that really matters anyway. Because all you need is love.