It's a WHOLE New Year!

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Hills of Milk and Honey family, you are incredible! It is because of your valuable feedback, input and requests that we have developed a calendar full of events for all ages to take part on the farm during the spring and summer of 2018! Our training in Holistic Management teaches us that we must consider all aspects of the farm, as a whole, when we implement new farming practices. Our health and wellness training teaches us that we must consider our whole self (mind, body, and spirit) when implementing new wellness practices. And, we all need outlets to be able to just dream, be in the moment, rest, be creative, connect with the land, love on people, and foster healthy intergenerational relationships. Everything we are committed to in this new year rests on these principles.

Join us this year and learn about the whole process of self-care, land care, and care for others as we gather our community together to learn from each other. Check out all of the possibilities!

Spring Classes

Our spring calendar is full of classes including keeping backyard chickens, composting with worms, learning about wellness through healthy eating and self-care, meditation, companion planting in the garden, building easy raised bed gardens, creating a pollinator-friendly garden, raising dairy goats, and more.

Special Event

We also have a special event on April 21, 2018 (weather permitting) where we will provide an outdoor screening of Farmers For America. Watch the trailer. This film screening event takes place on the same day as a shelter building workshop with optional overnight camping. Those building the shelters will have the opportunity to join in on the screening and then retreat to their shelters for the night and enjoy farm fresh eggs for breakfast the next morning! The film screening is open to all ages, but the shelter workshop is geared toward ages 13-18. This will be a fabulously fun weekend on the farm, so mark your calendars now and register today!

Intergenerational Farm Activities

In an effort to create intergenerational learning opportunities on the farm, we are offering a workshop for teens and seniors to join up and take part in an abstract art lesson together after touring the farm. Teens also get a dedicated workshop just to themselves as well. In addition, we have a wonderful program that gives preschoolers a chance to enjoy the farm, seniors a chance to enjoy the farm, and a special time for the seniors and preschools to enjoy the farm together. What is better than a 3 year old and 83 year old giggling over finding worms in the garden together?

Farm Produce and Eggs 

Our gardens are in their infancy and we are giving our community a chance to take part in making sure they thrive. We contemplated offering a small CSA this spring, but opted instead to use this year to experiment first. So, from time to time you will see us offer chances for folks to come garden with us and in exchange for your help, we will send you home with vegetables as a thank you. Keep a look out this spring for upcoming dates to participate in these garden days! And, as soon as our chickens start earning their keep again, we will have eggs for sale this spring, so stay tuned for details on purchasing pastured eggs from our farm. They are currently taking a winter break, but production should begin again shortly. :-)

Home School Program

This past year we have hosted many home school groups on the farm, so we decided to launch a program just for home school families. We are offering a eight week spring session on Thursdays from March 22 - May 10, 2018 from 9-3 each day. Families have the opportunity to choose between leading small groups and receiving a discount on the program, or paying full price for a drop-off program.

Summer Camps

We have made plans to offer a summer full of fun for all ages through our summer day camps, including a preschool camp, an elementary camp, a middle school camp, a camp for children with autism, and a camp for teens and young adults with autism. This year campers all get to become a Farmer for the Week! We've been working on curriculum all year and can't wait to host our campers this summer for these day camps on the farm!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are craving some time to get in on the action over here, there are ample opportunities for teens and adults to volunteer to help with routine farm chores or special projects. We sign off on volunteer service hours for high school and college students, so jump in and help out your local farmer. We have fun and usually get a great workout in at the same time!

Guest House Stay on AirBnB

Our guest house has become a popular destination for travelers visiting the Hill Country, as well as locals looking for a quiet night not too far away from home. We've even earned Super Host status in our first year on AirBnB. Reserve your stay today! Almost all spring weekends are booked already, but we have plenty of weekdays still available. Visitors staying in our guest house help out our farm immensely as the income we receive from the farm stays helps off-set our livestock feed costs. So, thanks for supporting your local farmer.

Girl Scouts

We offer Girl Scout troops the chance to visit the farm to complete badge requirements, participate in overnight camps, or even partner with the farm on Take Action projects and Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. We would be happy to add Boy Scouts as well if any troops are interested. 

Job Opportunities

Up until now, we've operated on a very sparse crew that consists of me, myself, and I - Farmer Amy! On occasion, when larger groups visit, an extra hand or two joins in to help out. With everything we have planned this year, it's time to provide some employment opportunities to our community. We have several options for those looking to work with the community in a farm environment, and hiring is completed on a rolling basis until openings are filled. So, check the job postings, and send us your resume and cover letter. Let's have some fun working together on the farm!


We also continue to host private group tours, birthday parties, special events, photography sessions, and more. Take a few minutes to navigate our website and check things out. We can't wait to meet you!


Farming is not easy. Not even the slightest bit. It requires an amount of persistence, flexibility, patience, endurance and creativity that really can't be compared to much else. So much of what happens on a farm is completely out of the control of the farmer. Mainly, the weather. It's risky business. When you attend a class, buy a dozen eggs, or volunteer your time on the farm, you are making it possible for a small, local farmer to continue the goal of healing the soil and providing nutrient-dense food for the community. Our most treasured gift is you. Every time you tell someone else about the farm and invite them to take part in our community, you provide job security for a farmer. So, thanks for sharing, networking, and connecting others to Hills of Milk and Honey! Let's make it a great year, together.

- Farmer Amy