Field Trips


We host school field trips, home school groups, preschools and day cares, and even adult field trips too! Contact us for more details and to find out our current availability for 2019. These field trip spots usually book up many months in advance, so plan ahead and contact us soon to schedule your group’s visit to the farm.

All of our field trips focus on teaching the importance of regenerative agriculture, rotational grazing, and low and no till crop planting as we take a holistic approach to land management on our farm. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with livestock including rabbits, chickens, dairy goats, and livestock guardian dogs. Beekeeping and pollinator support is a big component of our lessons, too. And, there is always something going on in the gardens whether composting, planting, harvesting, or planning. We invite participants to take part in the different stages of growth in our gardens.

We also offer survival skills trainings and fine art workshops as add-ons to our field trips if you’re interested!