• What is required when visiting the farm?

Signed liability waivers and close-toed shoes are required for all participants. Close-toed shoes are not required for infants.

  • What should I wear when I visit the farm?

We highly recommend wearing comfortable clothes that can get wet and dirty. We also advise participants to consider wearing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. 

  • Do I need to bring anything with me when I visit the farm?

We recommend bringing a bottle of water and a snack. If you are participating in class that uses tools or equipment that you have on hand (such as your favorite potting gloves or trowel), feel free to bring them with you.

  • Am I allowed to bring my pet to the farm?

Although we LOVE animals, please leave your pets at home. This is for the safety of your pets as well as the animals on our farm. Our animals are trained to do their jobs. Pets visiting the farm on a regular basis would be quite stressful for all involved. Thanks for understanding. Service animals welcome, but please contact us in advance if possible so we can make appropriate accommodations for your visit.

  • Are staff members trained in CPR and First Aid?

Every event that takes place on the farm will have a minimum of one person trained in infant, child and adult CPR with AED as well as First Aid certifications.

  • Are strollers allowed at the farm?

Our family farm has a decent amount of uneven terrain that makes regular strollers and umbrella strollers a bit tricky to navigate. You are welcome to bring them, but if you have a jogging type stroller, that would be much better. We have found that folks with regular strollers wish they would have brought a carrier or wrap for their infant to use during the times that we are walking around the farm. Please check each event for age requirements, as some events are family-friendly, some are for certain ages, and some are adult only. We are working hard to create more options for babies and toddlers, and hope to have plans in place in a few months to launch programs to meet the needs of this specific age group. Thanks for your patience!

  • Do you offer farm tours?

Yes, and no. When our farm was just starting out, we offered private farm tours for groups, and occasionally for families staying in the guest house. However, word got out in the best way, and our waiting list grew to be 6+ months out. We have been working hard to feverishly get everyone to the farm that has requested a tour, but we will never get caught up at this rate. So, we are currently not accepting anymore tour requests, per se. We do have a few spots open for school field trips and events on Fridays during the day for the fall and spring, but those are nearly all filled as well. We highly encourage folks to find a workshop or two that look interesting, or attend a special event that we host on the farm. This is a great way to see the farm, and take part in supporting your local farmer. We love having y'all here, but at this time we do not have "open" hours. Everything we offer requires pre-registration. So, check out all of our upcoming events, buy your tickets, and come see us!

  • Do you have open farm hours where we can come by and visit the farm?

Our farm does not currently offer "open" hours for visits. We are are an educational farm focused on teaching regenerative agriculture through camps, classes, and field trips. If you'd like to visit the farm, please find an upcoming event or workshop that looks fun, buy tickets, and join us.

  • If an event is for 18+, can I bring my children with me?

We offer a variety of events here on the farm for all ages. If you see an event for ages 18+, we've dedicated that event to the adults in our community. We do offer workshops, family-friendly events, and volunteer opportunities for a variety of ages. Children are not permitted at an 18+ event, but we hope you'll join us for a family-friendly event on the farm soon.

  • When is a good time to bring my baby or toddler to the farm? 

Our educational farm focuses on providing educational opportunities to children and adults. This can be a bit confusing to some, as our educational farm concept is quite unique. We are not a large attraction farm or a petting zoo, as some may think. We are committed to the safety of our guests, including the wee ones in our community. Our goal is to teach folks about regenerative agriculture and we do that through learning environments created for preschoolers on up. Please do check out our family-friendly events that we offer from time to time, and know that we are working hard to build out programs for really young children as soon as we can.