Custom Farm Tours

Something special happens when you step foot on the farm. A calmness sweeps in and takes over. It happens every single time someone leaves the hustle and bustle of their busy lives and gets out of their car here at Hills of Milk and Honey. An awareness of your surroundings becomes much more pronounced. You are able to smell the flowers nearby, hear the birds chirping away, and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin in a whole new way. There is just something about the farm that allows you to let go of worries and truly take it all in. Join us!

Submit your request for a custom tour for your group here.  If you don't belong to a formal group, pull some friends together. We enjoy giving people the opportunity to learn about regenerative agriculture practices while also spending plenty of time with goats, chickens, rabbits, livestock guardian dogs, and learning about honeybees and other pollinators. Most folks that have young children choose simple tours that are about 2 hours in length and include a hands-on activity that corresponds to the needs on the farm at the time, and the season in which the visit occurs. However, tours for older children, teens and adults can be longer and more elaborate. If you have an idea, and you don't see it listed on the link above, run it by us. We may be able to accommodate the request.

We've received an incredible amount of requests to visit the farm recently, so we've created a waiting list. As we have availability, we will be contacting you to book your time on the farm. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to get you all out to the farm ASAP!

We'll see you on the farm soon!