Cellular Nutrition Workshop

Saturday, October 13, 2018 {12:30-2:30 PM}

Presenter: Natalie Forster, RD

IMG_0809 - Natalie Forster.jpg

What if eating for whole body health was simple? What if your diet positively impacted
your mood and energy? What if you could step outside the realm of trendy diets based
on political, environmental, spiritual and ethical concerns and into a reality where
cellular health was the focus? Well, it is simple, your diet is impactful, and an unbiased
reality of whole body health does exist.

In this workshop, you’ll take a deep dive into understanding your body’s nutritional
needs from a cellular perspective, how cellular health dictates your health, what foods
are vessels of essential nutrients, and how to access trusted food sources in and
around Austin.

Natalie Forster RD is owner and founder of Revived Roots, a lifestyle-inspired company committed to empowering humanity and transforming the way we participate in life. Her approach is founded upon epigenetics, cellular nutrition and yoga.