Amy Milliron's Background (con't)

Connecting with the land and the animals tugged at my heartstrings my whole life. I had no idea then how everything would eventually connect one day. I certainly didn't see the connection when I decided to get my bachelor's in elementary education and continue on to obtain my master's in curriculum and instruction. The years that followed were filled with experiences teaching in public schools, private schools and community college, owning and directing preschools, and even home schooling. The burning desire to have my farm never faded and frequent visits up north helped keep the dream alive. 

When our family relocated to Dripping Springs, Texas in 2015 it felt like a dream come true. We moved into a beautiful neighborhood, met incredible people, and loved being so close to to nature. We didn't live on land, but we could walk along a creek after just crossing the street, and bike on trails through the woods in our neighborhood. It was lovely, but I instantly realized how close I was to being able to combine my desire to teach with my love for the land.

There was just one problem. I lacked experience in farming. So, three weeks after arriving in Texas I approached a farmer at the local farmer's market and asked if I could volunteer on his farm. I started that week. Then an opportunity to intern at the Sustainable Food Center's Teaching Garden in Austin landed in my lap. I also began networking in the agricultural world and starting meeting the movers and shakers in the sustainable farming industry in the Austin area. In addition, I had the privilege of working for a local beekeeper for a season and have become an apprentice beekeeper myself. My dream of owning an educational farm felt like it was within reach, so our family decided to take the leap and buy the farm in December 2016. 

The story of our first year on the farm has been woven with experiences with all of you. We've enjoyed connecting with neighbors, partnering on projects, hosting camps, classes, tours and events on the farm and getting to know the needs we can meet in the community. Join this regenerative agriculture movement that focuses on holistic management practices and let's work together to provide food security for all.