Farm School Fall 2018


Farm School Fall 2018

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Please select the Drop-Off Program Option or the Co-op Option according to the terms listed on the website.


If you are choosing NOT to participate in a co-op position, please load your cart with the number of registrations that match the number of children participating. You may choose to pay the deposit and be invoiced for the remaining payments or you may choose to receive a $100 discount by paying the fees in full at time of registration.


If you are choosing TO PARTICIPATE in a co-position, please load your cart with ONE registration that matches the $0 co-op fees. If you have additional children, you will need to also load your cart with the non-co-op option (either deposit and be invoiced for remaining payments or pay in full) for all remaining children.

Please make this co-op selection carefully. By agreeing to participate as a co-op parent, you are agreeing to remain committed to attending farm school each week and fulfilling a leadership role working with the children in attendance. You will be assigned large group supportive roles and small group leadership roles that may or may not place you with your own children at all times. These co-op spots are limited, and you are essentially being paid via a comped registration fee. This program only works if those choosing the co-op option remain committed to this registration choice. Think of it as a part-time job (that’s lots of fun, of course!). If, at any time, you are unable to attend a weekly session, as much prior notice as possible must be provided so that a substitute may be located to take your place. Due to the fees associated with paying for a last minute substitute and the challenge in one traveling to the farm quickly enough, you will be invoiced at $75 per missed day. We understand emergencies happen, and this is our plan for handling those emergencies. Co-ops are incredibly rewarding and we look forward to meeting all of our Fall Farm School Co-op parents soon!

[Please note: If you have more than one child and they each are attending different farm school days due to the age categories, you may choose the co-op option for only one of your children per semester.]


We initially piloted a similar program in the Spring of 2018 and through trial and error have fine-tuned how we are operating the program this time time around. You may notice a few changes if you have participated in the pilot program.

1) We are now offering full day as the only option. You are more than welcome to make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) early, or attend with your child at any point, but all registrations are full day.

2) Our pilot program combined ages and allowed for young children and infants to attend with their co-op parents. We are creating more targeted curriculum as a whole, so only those children registered for the appropriate age program will be able to attend.

3) We’ve assigned different age brackets to different days. Please make note of the day of week that corresponds with your child’s registration.

4) We have decided to create an entirely different program for preschoolers. Please check our website for preschool options if your child is age 3-5.

5) Lastly, we have developed a high school apprenticeship program that we hope will help plug in high school students to a field of study that proves to be rewarding while also gaining new skills that will last a lifetime. This is a unique program with very limited availability. Schedules will be set based on mutually agreed upon dates and times that may give some one-on-one farmer to high schooler time, but in most cases will be small group oriented.

Prior to the start of the fall program you will receive an email requesting additional information, including emergency contact information, etc. after registering for this 10 week program.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at midnight.

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