Hills of Milk and Honey was a family farm located in Dripping Springs, Texas committed to uniting our community while seeking to preserve food security for the people of the Texas Hill Country and beyond.

It is our desire to build a healthy community of organisms through the underground soil-food-web while providing nutrient-dense food for the community living above ground. Our farm focused on rotational livestock grazing and no-till crop planting. It is our long-term goal to create an agricultural ecosystem on a farm that is sustainable and self-sufficient.

We enjoyed teaching adults and children through programs offered here at Hills of Milk and Honey. Although our educational farm is no longer operating in Dripping Springs, we hope you will subscribe to our newsletter to follow our journey as we transition to new beginnings.

Our Beginning


Hills of Milk and Honey officially launched in 2017, but the seed was planted in the seventies when Amy Milliron was a young child. She grew up in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona and made frequent visits up north to visit her extended family. At three years of age she fell in love with horses, cows, chickens, and dogs on her grandparents' land. Her grandpa's calm connection with his animals left a lasting impression. Amy is committed to continuing his legacy by using her education and farming experience to teach others how to raise livestock and manage land with the goal of cultivating healthy soil. Amy is the primary educator in her family‚Äôs farming endeavors, but her husband and kids play very important roles as well. It's an adventure the whole family enjoys! We would love for you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.